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1969 Hot Wheels
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Rear Load Beach Bomb Information
In search of the Elusive 1969 Rear Loading Volkswagon Beach Bomb prototypes.   Die-cast metal chassis, Redline wheels, white resin interior, clear plastic windows with orange and yellow surfboards loaded through the rear window.

This Car has become the Holy Grail of the Hot Wheels Collectors.

This car did not work properly through the Supercharger.  Its center of gravity was too high, and did not hold turns as well.  This resulted in the Car being reworked into what is now the Side Loading Beach Bomb.

The Numbers - Whats out There??
Count Color
RLBB - Rear Loading
Pic 8 Green
Pic 7 Red
Pic 4 Blue
Pic 4 Antifreeze
Pic 4 Purple
Pic 3 Zamac
Pic 2 Rose
Pic 2 Gold
Pic 2 Pink
Pic 1 Red Enamel
Pic 1 Light Blue
TLBB - Transitional
Pic 2 Zamac
Pic 1 Antifreeze
RLBB + TLBB 41 Grand Total
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Rear Load Beach Bombs
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The Rear Load Beach Bomb (RLBB) Tooling was created at Neward DIe & Manufacturing in San Bernardino County, California.  This company was hired by Mattel with the responsiblty for creating most of the tooling for the first several years of Redlines.  Plastic Injection Molding facilities also existed at this location and where used to run various Hot Wheel plastic parts.  The bodies and chassis of the cars were actually made of Zamac (Zinc Aluminum Metal Alloy Casting), a metallic alloy.

RLBB Creation Time Line
11-Feb-1969 Body Mattel  Date the Body drawings to be completed.
14-Feb-1969 Chassis Mattel  Date the Chassis drawings to be completed
23-Feb-1969 Interior Mattel  Date the Interior drawings to be completed
25-Feb-1969 Window Mattel  Date the Window drawings to be completed
May-1969 All parts Newards  Required at least 12 weeks to return a completed car.
Oct-Nov-1969 Car Mattel  Type 2 RLBB car with prototype SLBB base shows up (Pink #1)

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