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  • WHY ?: Brass cars were made for use in Track & Accessory testing, Catalog Shots and Comercials which needed to be done well in advance of any prototypes or 1st shots being available.
  • WHY BRASS ?: Brass models looked almost exactly like a regular Hot Wheel car, weighed almost the same and rolled the same.
  • WHEN ?: Made after the 4x pattern but before any Tooling/Molds were made for the 1:1 cars.
  • HOW ?: Usually the Body, Chassis and sometimes an Engine were pantographed down from the 4x Pattern or Expoy shells. Then hollowed out to fit the interors, windows and other working mechanisims.
  • HOW LONG ?: Brass cars took over 200 man hours to make
  • WHAT WERE THE OTHER PARTS MADE OUT OF ?: K-resin was used for windows and usually Polypropylene for the interior.

1970 Model Brass Cars

6402 US Paddy Wagon
Courtesy of Unknown

6403 US Sand Crab
Courtesy of Bob Rosas

6410 US Mongoose
Courtesy of Unknown

6414 US Mighty Maverick
Courtesy of Unknown
  • lots-o hours to make these
  • They craeted by pantographing down fromt the 4x models

1971 Model Brass Cars

6000 Noodle Head
Courtesy of Unknown

6001 HK What 4
Courtesy of Unknown

6003 HK Six Shooter
Courtesy of Unknown

6022 HK Side Kick
Courtesy of Unknown
  • Info

1972 Model Brass Cars

6005 US Funny Money
Courtesy of Unknown
  • Info

1973 Model Brass Cars

6978 HK Mercedes C-111
Courtesy of Unknown
  • info

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